Evan Bayh for Governor?

bayh_question.pngWith statehouse and congressional elections under way in Indiana, and city elections just around the corner, the hottest question in Hoosier politics nonetheless is focused on former U.S. Senator and Indiana Governor Evan Bayh and the Governor's race in 2016.

There's been a lot of talk about the possibility of a return to the Governor's mansion, and Bayh continues to play coy, while his recent press conference regarding Joe Hogsett's run for Mayor of Indianapolis only added fuel to the fire.  Since then, he has called a run "unlikely," but gone on to say that he "did love being Governor."

The question remains - will Evan Bayh throw his hat into the ring and make an attempt to return to the state's highest office, or is he done putting his name on the ballot in Indiana?  And would a run be in the best interest of the Party?

We want your opinion.

Do you believe Evan Bayh will run for Governor of Indiana in 2016?