Smith Focused on Corporate Tax Cuts While Local Families Struggle

Milo.jpgBartholomew County Democrats today criticized Republican lawmakers, including Representative Milo Smith, for focusing on tax cuts for large corporations while Hoosier families struggle.

"Last week, Republican Milo Smith was touting his support for tax cuts for corporations,” County Democratic Chair Priscilla Scalf said. “No doubt this was good news for big companies like North Carolina-based Duke Energy; or media giant Comcast, which is headquartered in Philadelphia; or California’s Intuit Corporation; or at the Texas based headquarters of British-owned BP America.”

Scalf noted that each of these large corporations appear on the Project Vote Smart website ( list of Milo Smith’s Top Contributors. Project Vote Smart is a non-partisan, nonprofit educational organization funded exclusively through individual contributions and philanthropic foundations.

“Milo Smith has been a very good friend to out-of-state and foreign-owned corporations,” Scalf said. “Meanwhile, according to the Tax Foundation, the average Hoosier has seen an increase in his or her tax burden of over $300 in the past decade.”

"We simply cannot afford to have a representative who isn't focused on the well-being of people here in Bartholomew County,” Scalf concluded. “We can do better, and that’s why Bartholomew County Democrats support Zack Ellison for state representative."

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