Smith Failed to Support Hoosier Workers


The Bartholomew County Democratic Party today is drawing attention to a failing grade recently received by State Representative Milo Smith on the issue of worker's rights.  The grade comes from the 2014 legislative report issued by the Indiana AFL-CIO.

"Once again," said party Chair Priscilla Scalf, "we see how Milo Smith, who spent the session volunteering for extreme political assignments like the fight for marriage discrimination, failed to focus on the issues that are affecting hard working Hoosier families."

As the report highlights, Milo Smith's last session included votes to reduce unemployment protection, to weaken child labor protections, and to sell Indianapolis' public schools to private companies.  Smith also voted to support Indiana's unconstitutional "right-to-work" law, and opposed fair wage supports.

"At a time when the average Hoosier family has seen their income decline by over $1,000 dollars and year, and many have been hit even harder, we deserve someone in the statehouse who will be working for us, not against us," Scalf said. "That's why Bartholomew County Democrats are proud to support Zack Ellison for State Representative.

"Zack has worked hard his whole life, and understands the struggles our families face in this economy.  He'll be a good friend of working Hooseirs in the Indiana Statehouse."

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I am so sorry that so few have made a mockery of democracy!
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