Remind Milo Smith Who He Works For


This week, while the rest of us were celebrating the life of Rev Martin Luther King, Jr and his message of equal opportunity and respect for all people, the Indiana House Republican leadership was bringing their effort to permanently write discrimination and bigotry into the Indiana Constitution to the doorstep of our community.

Bartholomew County and the Columbus area have been known for decades as a diverse and welcoming community. This forward-looking and inclusive vision has been inspired by leaders like J. Irwin Miller, fostered by efforts like the Heritage Fund’s Welcoming Community program, and supported by major local employers such as Cummins and Columbus Regional Hospital. Our community is the envy of Indiana because of the prosperity and quality of life offered here.

Every day the conduct of our community speaks against intolerance of the sort found in the onerous constitutional amendment known as HJR-3. Yet when the Republican leadership in the Indiana state House of Representatives asked our Representative Milo Smith to push HJR-3 through the Elections and Apportionment Committee, Milo chose to turn his back on the community that placed him in office and do the bidding of House Speaker Brian Bosma.

The Bartholomew County Democratic Party has sponsored a petition online at where residents in our community can remind Milo Smith that he represents us, and not the GOP leadership in Indianapolis. The vote is going to be held this afternoon, Wednesday, January 22, so persons interested in having a voice on this important issue should ACT NOW!

Thank you.

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Separation of Church and State! Get your grimey nose out of places it doesn’t belong!
commented 2014-01-22 15:22:54 -0500 · Flag
PLEASE STOP worrying about marriage and table the amendment. The Federal government is just going to make all this mute in a few years anyway, it’s inevitable. Please concentrate on real issues and leave the ignorance, hate and bigotry to Uganda, Nigeria, and Russia.
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commented 2014-01-22 11:00:48 -0500 · Flag
Milo, your the the only local republican that appears to support both parties in Indiana. I would hope you refrain from the partisan stuff going on about gay marriage and steer the rest of the republicans toward the real problems facing this state, jobs and a living wage are a good start………
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