Smith's Record Leaves Women in the Cold

Smith_talking_down_bw.jpg            Bartholomew County Democrats are criticizing Republican incumbent Milo Smith for failing to stand up for Hoosier women.

            “Milo Smith’s record on women’s issues is another example of his willingness to put the priorities of Republican bosses in Indianapolis ahead of the best interests of the people he was elected to represent,” charged County Democratic Chair Priscilla Scalf.

             Scalf pointed to several votes Smith has taken as state representative.

             “Milo has proved to be a reliable supporter of right-wing anti-women policies like requiring an unnecessary and costly ultrasound procedure before allowing women to receive certain prescription medications,” she stated. “After this medical procedure takes place, women are forced to view the results unless they obtain and fill out a state government-prescribed form recording their refusal.”

             “Milo was also House co-sponsor for the bill that made Indiana the first state in the nation to deny Planned Parenthood Medicaid funds for general health services, including cancer screenings,” Scalf continued. “Luckily, that is one of several laws Milo has supported which the courts have found to be unconstitutional. And, of course, women in same-sex relationships are no doubt aware of the prominent role Milo Smith has played in trying to legislate who they are allowed to love.”

             “Our community is represented by many women leaders, including the Mayor and the chairs of both major political parties” Scalf concluded. “By placing his political connections ahead of the best interest of the women of his district, Milo Smith is not only on the wrong side of history, he is also failing to represent the views of the voters in his district. For Bartholomew county women, the choice for State Representative has never been more obvious. Democrat Zack Ellison is the candidate who will fight to protect their rights.”

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