Democrats Congratulate Zack Ellison on AFL-CIO Endorsement


Zack Ellison recently received the endorsement of the Indiana AFL-CIO for his commitment to the welfare of working class Hoosier families.

“We are proud to offer these endorsements and will do everything we can to help get these worker-friendly candidates elected to office,” said Brett Voorhies, Indiana State AFL-CIO president.

The Bartholomew County Democratic Party welcomed the news.

"At a time when the average Hoosier has seen their income go down by over $1,000 dollars a year, while their taxes have gone up by over $300 a year, and when the jobs being brought in are worth less than the jobs being shipped out, it's more important than ever to have a Representative who will stand strong with working Hoosier families," said Party Chair Priscilla Scalf.  "We are proud to have that sort of candidate in Zack Ellison."

To learn more about Zack Ellison and to get involved in his campaign for State Representative, visit his website at

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