Bartholomew Democrats Decry Senator Coat's Vote Against Veterans Benefits

Scalf: Coats Turned His Back on Hoosier Veterans

Local Democrats are condemning a move by Indiana Senator Dan Coats to scuttle a bill that would have expanded veterans' access to health and retirement benefits.

"This is just another sad example of petty partisanship getting in the way of real progress," said Bartholomew County Chairwoman Priscilla Scalf. "500,000 Hoosier Veterans expected Dan Coats to stand by them, but instead he turned his back."

The bill, which focused heavily on mental health issues, provided in state tuition to many veterans, and expanded work study opportunities and coverage for children with spina bifeda, would have been one of the most comprehensive veterans' bill in recent history.  The measure enjoyed the support of 56 Senators, including Indiana's Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly.  However, Coats joined 40 other Republican Senators in voting to keep the bill from reaching the Senate floor for a vote.

"The American Legion's National Commander said he doesn't know how any of those Republicans can look a veteran in the eye after that vote," said Zack Ellison, Vice Chair of the Bartholomew County Democratic Party. "It just boggles the mind, after all these men and women have given our country, how Dan Coats could vote against them."

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