Celebrating Access to Healthcare

Priscilla_Scalf.jpgFor many decades, we Democrats have championed the idea that safe, affordable health care should be available to everyone. Yesterday, our nation made a giant stride toward achieving that goal with the opening of the new federal health insurance marketplace available at Healthcare.gov. The overwhelming need for this program was demonstrated by the 4.7 million unique visitors who visited the signup site in the first 24 hours!

Unfortunately, there is a minority faction of Tea Party Republican Congressmen, including our own Fifth District Representative Luke Messer, who have abandoned their faith in the Constitutional process by which this law was enacted, while also abandoning their responsibility to the citizens they pledged to serve. 

It is time for Luke Messer and his comrades to honor the duty they owe to every American, support an up-or-down House vote on a clean continuing resolution which will end the Republican Shutdown, and get back to doing the important job of strengthening our economic recovery.

Priscilla Scalf, Chairperson
Bartholomew County Democratic Party

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